The following are the most commonly asked questions;

How do I know what terminal I am departing from or arriving to?

We have a dedicated page displaying each terminal’s flight arrivals and departures. Please click here to check your terminal.

How long before departure do I need to report to the Airport?

All International check-in begins 03 hours prior to departure.

If I miss my flight, is The Lounge Service transferable to my next flight?

No, once the service is booked and delivered, the service is considered completed.

Is The Premium Lounge responsible for handling our baggage claim in case we miss our bags upon Arrival?

No, The Premium Lounge staff cannot handle baggage claim as we are not authorized to do so due to Security Protocols. Only the Passenger can follow the protocols for Baggage Claim however, our staff will ensure to wait and drop you off to your pick-up.

Can Visas be arranged and paid for us on arrival?

The Premium Lounge can pay for your visas upon arrival. You could choose to pay us the same in advance so our team can prepare necessary arrangements for the process. Kindly choose the option to pay for additional service while booking, so we can accept the Visa payments. Please find the official online application link here: click here

How much is the Tourist Visa and how long is the Validity?

Depending on your nationality, the Visa is between USD 50 to USD 100 valid for a period of 03-Months. You can obtain Business Visa on Arrival for USD 250.